Wisconsin Republicans Got Golden-Goosed by Foxconn

After promising Foxconn $4 billion in subsidies and paying millions on infrastructure the company demanded, Wisconsin now faces the hard reality that the Taiwan-based corporation isn’t going to build a factory in their state. This is yet another example of the hollowness of Republican economic policy, as well as their willful ignorance about why global companies build factories where they do—i.e. gigantic taxpayer subsidies on the U.S. will never be a stronger incentive than a cheap and powerless labor pool elsewhere.

Are We Overlooking Generation X?

Forget the Boomers and Millennials, this is the Gen-X Election Cycle During Marco Rubio’s triumphal bronze medal speech in Iowa he used the word “generation” seven times in less than a minute. I couldn’t help but wonder what generation he was trying to speak to. Rubio’s speech was more or less the rehearsed “New American…