I’ll Believe It When I See It

What a shitty deal maker that guy is. I’m also hesitant to put much weight in this story, since Trump has proven to be an unreliable source regarding what Trump will actually do and what bills he’d actually sign. We probably won’t know until the junta at Fox News gets to weigh in on the bill.

Episode 55: The Shutdown and the Road to 2020

Back after the long holiday break, Agreeing Loudly’s podcast returns to the digital airwaves! In Episode 55, Jered, Pat, and Troy discuss the Federal Government Shutdown and it’s effects, their thoughts about the growing slate of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates (including an accurate prediction that Senator Kamala Harris would enter the race by air time),…

The Shutdown of Broken Dreams

Day 32 of the Government Shutdown and the Terrible Outcomes and Worse Outcomes to come are still rolling in. Today, The New York Times exposes the glaring negligence of the Trump administration’s housing, homelessness, and anti-poverty programs. Currently, 95% of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) federal workers are not working, which means a loss in…

American Kakistocracy: Day 728

Congressional Republicans increasingly blame Trump for a potentially deadly government shutdown, but is it enough for them to oppose him? More importantly, will they be able to send some relief to Walmart?