Episode 48: Winter is Here…Kind Of


The Agreeing Loudly podcast is taking a break from the depressing world of United States politics to discuss the slightly less depressing world of politics in Westeros. That’s right, winter is here and the Agreeing Loudly nerds are delving deep into this season of Game of Thrones. GET HYPE.

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Coast to Coast Podcast #33: Third Party Millennial Political Correctness


perot-nader-trumpAgreeing Loudly Coast to Coast is down one Bill this week. Fortunately, Agreeingloudly.com contributor and returning guest, Carson Starkey joins Pat and Jered to brings his particular brand of pedantic satire to this week’s episode. They discuss whether millennials are to blame for the rise of Donald Trump, embrace the utter dominance of Game of Thrones in popular culture, discuss some important news from the sports world, and share their picks for 2016 third party presidential candidates.

Will Millennials deem this podcast too offensive? Can Dorne be saved? Does anyone care what professional athletes have to say about politics? Tune in to this week’s episode to find out!
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Game of Thrones as U.S. Politics


A few days ago, former Politico CEO and co-founder Jim VandeHei, in response to what he saw as a two-party system in American politics that predominately caters to economically comfortable buffoons, proposed that we create a third party. The problem with radical centrist VandeHei’s proposal, is that his third party ideas, in addition to promoting unpopular policies bordering on insanity, would basically create a third major American political party that predominately caters to economically comfortable buffoons.

Despite VandeHei’s insane call for a third party that is very similar to the two we already have, and despite basically calling for an age of an actual American empire, as opposed to a half-hearted attempt at one, the idea of multiple official and unofficial factions and alliances often seen in European parliamentary democracies is appealing and far more interesting to anyone who has studied political science. In honor of “Game of Thrones” sixth season premiere, Carson Starkey and I waxed philosophic on what multiple factions, personalities, and regions would look like if we were comparing American politics to the Kingdoms of Westeros and beyond. Enjoy!

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Episode 14: Millennials Rising


This week Jered, Troy, Pat and Bill discuss whether the 2016 presidential election is as historic as some would like to think, whether or not Jeb Bush’s tax plan has what it takes to make Millennials rise above the mucky muck, the existential crisis facing college football and Minnesota sports in general. Also, Bill makes his segment hosting debut with a fun-filled Games of Thrones speculation spectacular.

Can Bill successfully moderate a discussion on Game of Thrones? Will Jered be able to successfully execute a Bane impression? Does anyone still care about the 2016 presidential election?

Answer these questions and more by listening to this week’s episode!
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Intro 0:00 – 3:20

Millennial Musings: Millennials Rising? 3:25-11:17

Political Parrots: Is 2016 A Historic Election? 11:27-22:32

Pop Goes the Culture: Game of Thrones from Coast to Coast 22:35-40:28

Sports Round Up: Mediocrity, Money, and the Machine 40:32-58:44

Outro/Where to Find Us 58:47-1:01:40