Local Man Who Pulled Out Has No Intention of Accepting the Consequences

Local Man (shown above) pulled out earlier today, and has no intention of giving the consequences of his actions a second thought going forward.

Washington, D.C. — Earlier today a Local Man took absolutely zero precautions, nor will take any responsibility for the resulting developments after “pulling out.” Instead he refocused attention later on by commenting on the substantial growth that will occur by pulling out.

“Tremendous, tremendous progress, we’re growing so hard, and we’re going to grow even harder after pulling out”, said the Man in characteristic bluster.

Continuing, he added that he will “begin negotiations to re-enter”, although several nearby seemed skeptical that this was in good faith. According to several sources, there is little interest on either side.

“I promised I would pull out months ago, and I have fulfilled that promise.” 

Despite following through on earlier promises, studies show that pulling out and praying is the least successful method of avoiding disastrous or unintended consequences, both because science exists, and it is quite clear in the Old Testament and theological scholarship that God intended people to be stewards over creation, and co-creators if possible, especially in the areas of the new, living, and thriving, rather than the dead and buried.

When Local Man was asked whether he would offer support just in case predictable consequences did arise, the man responded: “Covfefe! I’ll be dead so the answer is no and it won’t matter.”

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Episode 15: Moral Victories


Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast is back with another exciting episode. This week your favorite podcast discusses whether or not millennials are truly hypocritical when it comes to war, the possibility of a brokered convention for the GOP presidential nomination, the recent Paris Agreement on climate change and how excited they are that Star Wars is less than one week away.

In addition, Pat leads a discussion on sports that eventually meanders its way into a spirited discussion on Daily Fantasy Sports and whether or not they should be considered gambling.

Will Troy hijack another episode with an unrelated rant? Who is going to be the first member of the Podcast to see The Force Awakens? Will Donald Trump continue to defy the odds and win the Republican Presidential nomination?

For answers to these questions and more listen now! Or be different and Direct Download the episode.

Intro 0:00-3:50

Millennial Musings: War, Outsiders, and the Problem with Polls 3:55-14:25

Political Parrots: A GOP Brokered Convention: How it Could Happen 14:35-39:12

Pop Goes the Culture: The Force Finally Awakens 39:16-52:59

Sports Round Up: Daily Fantasy Sports Silliness 53:05-1:08:15

Outro/Where to Find Us 1:08:19-1:11:39