American Kakistocracy: Day 728

Congressional Republicans increasingly blame Trump for a potentially deadly government shutdown, but is it enough for them to oppose him? More importantly, will they be able to send some relief to Walmart?

Thanos Is A Republican

Like Republicans, Thanos unleashes unmitigated horrors on the world and retreats to his peaceful country estate. He is comforted and ennobled by the belief that the pain and sacrifices he made inflicting his ideology on the less power ennobles him.

The Fed “Discovers” Student Debt Is Killing Millennials

The Fed just “discovered” student loan debt is hamstringing a generation of Americans, but they won’t advocate for any solutions other than debt restructuring. What better evidence do we need to support a national student debt strike?

Wilbur Ross is trying to steal the 2020 Census

Stealing a decade’s worth of future elections by corrupting the Census process was always going to be a heavy lift, even for the King of Bankruptcy. Thank God Trump stacked his administration with raving bigots so racists like Sessions and Ross would never have to feel alone in their endeavors.

American Kakistocracy: Day 726

Karen Pence doesn’t want to teach your queer kids. Campus PC culture is out of control and conservatism is the new punk rock.

What’s So Toxic About Toxic Masculinity?

So, what’s so “toxic” about masculinity? It’s not the traditional values McAllister ascribes to masculinity—”physical strength, sexual drive, emotional reticence, and raw competitiveness.” It’s when those drives become so uninhibited that they cause a boy or man to harm themselves and others.

American Kakistocracy, Day 725

Is it any surprise that an addled old man who watches nothing but Fox News overestimated Nancy Pelosi’s unpopularity among House Democrats? Granted, he wouldn’t be the first person to buy into the belief that everyone outside of pinko San Francisco hates the House Speaker with the heat of 10,000 suns. But most people I know who believe Pelosi can’t hold onto the House either thought Jill Stein was a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton or think “Saving Private Ryan” was a masterpiece.