Friends of the Show

The Margin of Error

Agreeing Loudly contributors Allan Branstiter and Carson Starkey, uniquely under-qualified and over-qualified as pop-culture and political pundits, provide listeners with an enlightening and entertaining 45-60 minutes of inconsequential bloviating.

Dispatches from the Crab Bucket

Allan Branstiter makes history work with some excellent literature reviews, historical commentary and other random history related musings.

Wrestling with Friends

Three millennial friends (Andy Soucek, Blake Steil, and Erik Bergstrom) host a podcast focused on the past and present of professional wrestling. The premiere podcast for professional wrestling in the Midwest.

Victoria Harris Writes

A portrait of a millennial Twin Cities-based writer and editor. Victoria Harris continually strives to develop her creative, technical, and critical abilities, while producing thought-provoking literature.

Recommended Reading

The Baffler

The Journal That Blunts the Cutting Edge – founded in 1988 by Tom Frank, author of Whats the Matter with Kansas? and Listen Liberal! Or Whatever Happened to the Party of the People?

Talking Points Memo