What’s So Toxic About Toxic Masculinity?

So, what’s so “toxic” about masculinity? It’s not the traditional values McAllister ascribes to masculinity—”physical strength, sexual drive, emotional reticence, and raw competitiveness.” It’s when those drives become so uninhibited that they cause a boy or man to harm themselves and others.

Megyn Kelly and NBC Are Officially Splitting Ways

For the uninitiated, Megyn Kelly is terrible but she has made a killing as a professional Becky. NBC thought she’d pivot to Serious Journalism™, but now they’re essentially paying $30 million for a segment about the merits of blackface.

Toxic Masculinity, Meet Weaponized Veteranhood

Agreeing Loudly is proud to help its contributors’ gain compensation for their labor. Please consider helping kuyaalb by supporting his Patreon campaign. I know it’s low hanging fruit, but Townhall published another stupid take by Marina Medvin on why veterans are always preferable to liberal womenfolk: Young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”) has been dubbed a media-darling….