Donald Trump and Right-Wing Drag

Like a skilled drag performer Trump exposed mainstream Republicanism—an ideology based on subtle identity politics and soft authoritarianism—as a farce by taking it to it’s rational extreme. Trump is a buffoonish caricature of the American populist Right. While many observers believes that this would have disqualified him from any serious consideration, The Donald’s theatrics both to mock elite Republicanism and vindicates the anger felt by marginalized conservatives—which is not exclusively white or male (Hillary Clinton, beware).

In Our Post-Factual World, Kayfabe is King

by Carson Starkey At some point in the not-so-distant future, The Nation of Domination will “interrupt” a Donald Trump rally/speech. They will appear suddenly in a doorway, bathed in spotlights, wielding baseball bats, chains, and tire irons. They will begin marching towards the main stage, advancing on scattered groups of terrified, hysterical, elderly white Fox…

Kleiner Mann Joe Blue Collar, Was Nun?: The Way Forward for Those Who Don’t Care About The Heritage Foundation’s Agenda

What rankles self-proclaimed grown up conservatives about Trump is that he’s giving away the inside game by verifying an uncomfortable suspicion that Heritage Foundation “scholars” have always attempted to suppress during campaigns. That is, most self-proclaimed conservative voters don’t care about the Ayn Rand agenda. While abolishing taxation, dissolving social insurance, and building Pax Americana are important causes to people who work at The Wall Street Journal, all that Jane or Joe Blue Collar care about relates to making financial ends meet. Which makes conservative aristocrats angry bordering on hysterical.

You have Twelve Days until Your Parents Become Trump Supporters

Yep, your yoga-loving parents are about to become vocal Trump apologists.   If you’re like me, your parents are conservative-to-moderate Republicans. Over the past 10 years or so, they may have mellowed out a bit from their heady days of door-knocking for Barry Goldwater, voting for the nominally anti-war Richard Nixon, and restoring American greatness…

Songs for the American Working Class

by Allan Branstiter and Carson Starkey It’s that time of the month. Bills are coming in the mail. Paycheck’s still a week or more away. Management won’t get off your back. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Landlord keeps getting on you about your dog. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump are…