Wisconsin Republicans Got Golden-Goosed by Foxconn

After promising Foxconn $4 billion in subsidies and paying millions on infrastructure the company demanded, Wisconsin now faces the hard reality that the Taiwan-based corporation isn’t going to build a factory in their state. This is yet another example of the hollowness of Republican economic policy, as well as their willful ignorance about why global companies build factories where they do—i.e. gigantic taxpayer subsidies on the U.S. will never be a stronger incentive than a cheap and powerless labor pool elsewhere.

Startup Disrupts the Loan Sharking Industry

Thanks to skyrocketing housing cost, stagnant wages, and decreasing access to affordable credit, more and more Americans are struggling to afford rental costs and large deposits. As many localities and states refuse to enact rent control and zoning reforms, predatory capitalists step into the void with easy loans with exorbitant interests rates. This is yet another example of why the Democratic Party needs to support comprehensive housing reform, and why tenants should organize to carry out direct action against predatory rental and lending practices.

American Kakistocracy: Day 728

Congressional Republicans increasingly blame Trump for a potentially deadly government shutdown, but is it enough for them to oppose him? More importantly, will they be able to send some relief to Walmart?

American Kakistocracy: Day 726

Karen Pence doesn’t want to teach your queer kids. Campus PC culture is out of control and conservatism is the new punk rock.

American Kakistocracy, Day 725

Is it any surprise that an addled old man who watches nothing but Fox News overestimated Nancy Pelosi’s unpopularity among House Democrats? Granted, he wouldn’t be the first person to buy into the belief that everyone outside of pinko San Francisco hates the House Speaker with the heat of 10,000 suns. But most people I know who believe Pelosi can’t hold onto the House either thought Jill Stein was a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton or think “Saving Private Ryan” was a masterpiece.