Episode 45: Agreeing Loudly Goes to Iowa


On this month’s episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast, we interview Agreeing Loudly’s first endorsee, prospective Iowa Democratic Party state chair Kurt Meyer. We also take a moment to reflect on President Obama’s final address as president as we look towards the future of the progressive movement.

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Episode 40: Three White Guys Talk Politics…and It’s Not That Bad


After a month long hiatus, we’re back with another fun-filled episode! This week your dutiful host (Jered) is joined by the legendary Pat Meacham and sporadic guest host and Agreeing Loudly contributor, Troy Olson. Sadly, Bill is once again in self-imposed exile trying to come to terms with Donald Trump’s drop in polls, but with any luck he’ll be back on the next episode.

This week we bring back the fabled Sports Round Up segment where we discuss the recently departed Rio Summer Olympics, the fate of the Minnesota Vikings, and a hypothetical scenario involving the Twins and David Ortiz. Also, a lot has happened in the world of presidential politics over the last month and we do our best to give our diverse, white male perspective on the state of the race.

To celebrate our return to the airwaves after more than a month absence we have decided this is the beginning of a new season. Will anyone care? Tune in to find out! Or save your data, and direct download it instead.

Intro 0:00

Sports Round Up The Rio Olympics, Vikings, and Twins Realities 3:43

Political Parrots 29:41

The State of the Presidential Race 29:41 Outro/Where to Find Us 49:47

Coast to Coast Podcast #34: In Dog We Trust


After multiple weeks off, Agreeing Loudly returns to the internet (now with a lowercase I). While Pat and Bill still remain lost in the Matrix, friends of the show and regular contributors to the Agreeing Loudly website: Justin and Allan join Jered to restore a sense of podcast normalcy to the world. Or at least as much normalcy as two academics are capable of.

Join them as they talk far too long about Millennial party allegiances, nerdy pop culture, and the complicated nature of Southern politics.

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