The “Skills Gap” Is Fake, Exhibit 2,347

Agreeing Loudly is proud to help its contributors’ gain compensation for their labor. Please consider helping kuyaalb by supporting his Patreon campaign. Matt Yglesias on yet another study debunked the oft-repeated theory that a “skills gap” was behind stubbornly high employment rates and decreasing labor participation numbers: Now along comes a new paper from Alicia…

We Have Dates for the Opening of Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

It’s nice to see Disney’s going to make the Premiere and MaxPass elites bear the brunt of the price hikes, but charging $15 to reserve a spot on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run? That’s about as regressive as a head tax. Is there room for a laser guillotine in Batuu Square?

Good News, Pat Roberts is Retiring! Bad News, Kris Kobach or Ajit Pai Could Replace Him!

The list of Kansas Republicans interested in succeeding Roberts in 2020 features the predicable rogues gallery of terrible politicians—Mike Pompeo, Kris Kobach, Derek Schmidt, Roger Marshall, and Kevin Yoder. If those men aren’t bad enough for you, Matt Schlapp (chairman of the American Conservative Union) and Ajit Motherfucking Pai (chairman of the Federal Communications Commission) have also been mentioned as potential replacements. Gag.

Netflix and Yield

What happens when an unstoppable force (American free speech and capitalism) meets an immovable object (Saudi homicidal despots)? The unstoppable force capitulates.

Marginal Tax Rates for Wrestling Fans

Troy is correct, there has to be a better way to explain marginal tax rates to the general public [side note, I appreciate a Springsteen reference as much as the next guy, but we all know he’s a dog person]: We may need a seminar on how the top marginal and marginal tax brackets work….

Cultural Conservatism and the Politics of Rage

  During a recent episode of FiveThirtyEight’s “Elections” podcast, Harry Enten mentioned a phrase I haven’t thought of for a while that I thought warranted a second look. Enten’s been a vocal critic of not only Trump, but the wave of “cultural conservatism” behind his campaign’s success. He suggested that the core fissure within the…

The Gentrified Revolution

For all of Bernie Sanders’s rhetoric about the ills of income inequality and class warfare, in Los Angeles his message was most popular in gentrifying precincts. Dissecting the spacial aspects of why his presidential campaign failed offers important lessons as the movement he inspired looks to the future. The Los Angeles Times published a fascinating and telling…

Clinton Sports Realtree Hoodie to Win Back White Working-Class Voters

LIMA, OH—In an attempt to win back the support of the white working-class voting block, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has started to appear at rallies wearing a women’s Realtree hoodie and Lucky-brand jeans. Throughout the 1990s and during Clinton’s 2008 primary campaign, so-called “Reagan Democrats” played a major role in the political dynasty’s electoral successes….

Local Veteran Sole Recipient of Trump Donations

LOS ANGELES, CA—In response to allegations that he lied about raising millions of dollars for veterans, GOP presumptive nominee and millionaire Donald Trump revealed he donated $6 million to local veteran Christopher “Nazzi” Finazzi. “That’s NAH-zee, not NOT-zi,” Finazzi explained to reporters, earlier today “Mr. Trump’s in no way associated with those freaks.” “The guy…

Local Veteran Still Available to Receive Your Gratitude

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Unable to dislodge the man from his position between the Typo and the Women’s Scarf Kiosk, staff at the Mall of America confirmed that Carson Starkey, an Iraq War veteran and recently appointed commandant of JROTC Company at E. Charles Knoblauch High School, will continue to make himself available for handshakes, salutes, and free beers from…

Local Man to Reach “Peak Veteran” this Memorial Day

BLAINE, MN — After receiving his Grunt Life Gadsen Tee in the mail on Friday, a local veteran of the Iraq War is scheduled to reach “Peak Veteran” later today. Jason Halverson, who spent twelve months “in the shit” as a member of the 298th Finance Company in Kuwait, tweeted three pictures of his new shirt from…

Local Man Excited Encyclopedic Knowledge of Clinton Scandals Once Again Politically Relevant

WABASSO, MN — Firing up the wireless transistor radio duct-taped to the roof of his Bobcat skid-loader, local man and long-time conservative talk radio enthusiast Bruce Haldorson, is optimistic that his extensive knowledge of 1990’s Clinton Administration scandals will propel him back into political relevancy. Haldorson, who subscribed to the the Wall Street Journal, Limbaugh Letter, and American Spectator from…