Toxic Masculinity, Meet Weaponized Veteranhood

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These guys have watched a total 3,487 Mark Wahlberg and Clint Eastwood movies, and they have strong opinions about who should be taken seriously in politics.

I know it’s low hanging fruit, but Townhall published another stupid take by Marina Medvin on why veterans are always preferable to liberal womenfolk:

Young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”) has been dubbed a media-darling. She laughs, she dances, she wears designer shoes. AOC also connects to the millennials and gives them the mirror-image representation that they so desperately crave. Young liberals are in love with her.

AOC is also nonsensical, intellectually void, and helplessly unrealistic. But these negatives, albeit of primary importance, somehow fade in comparison to her charm and charisma. As it now stands, AOC is a legitimate threat to both conservatives and centrist Democrats.


Conservatives have an equal and opposite contender in Dan Crenshaw. The good people of Texas have elected a handsome, charming, articulate, and wise young leader to represent them in Congress. Crenshaw is the embodiment of the all-American spirit. He has the same visual draw as AOC but exceeds her in that he can keep your attention with his poised, thoughtful and rational discussions. AOC, in contrast, speaks in discordant babble.

Townhall’s argument that Crenshaw > Ocasio-Cortez is so full of veteran worship that it’ll make your head spin. But it’s also useful to note this column’s inescapable sexism.

Yes, there are several reasons Crenshaw’s election was a breath of fresh air—he served in the Navy and lost his right eye, he appeared in an less-funny-and-charming-than-anyone-seems-to-want-to-admit SNL skit with the Pete Davidson, and he reached out to the comedian when Davidson spoke out about his suicidal ideations. These are all positive and meritorious things, especially when we consider the moral nihilism of the modern Republican Party. But is he the “answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?”

Hardly. Most people who don’t watch cable news every night (ie anyone born after 1975 and not working in political journalism) have no idea who Dan Crenshaw is. Should they? Probably. Do they? Not a chance. Love her or hate her, AOC was able to defeat a senior Congressional Democrat, capture the attention of the national media, and influence the Congressional policy agenda in ways that are way above her paygrade.

What about Dan Crenshaw? I’m sure he’s a nice guy with your standard bog-style conservative ideology, but I doubt we’ll see him writing ground-breaking bills anytime soon. Until then, we’ll have to settle for his terrible opinions about Trump’s wall, his love of calling Democrats cowards, and his bizarre but predictable martyr complex. Call brown people welfare hustlers, rapists, and murderers all you want, but don’t you dare call Trump voters deplorable, fools, or dregs, goddammit!

Here’s the worst part about Townhall’s column: you will be labelled a vet-hating libtard if you question the notion that Dan Crenshaw deserves unqualified praise and adulation. This column represents a resurgence in war worship and authoritarianism within conservative political culture—a culture that asserts that violent action is the most desirable approach to international and domestic challenges, and figures like military personnel and law enforcement are the only public servants worth supporting. Disagree with that and you’re liable to be labeled a “nonsensical, intellectually void, and helplessly unrealistic” womanchild.

This authoritarian and (frankly) fascist tendency is on full display in this column. Notice how Medvin characterizes her preference for Crenshaw’s background as a sailor to that of Ocasio-Cortez the service industry bimbo:

Yet Dan Crenshaw shines even brighter when you reflect on his background. Crenshaw is a former United States Navy SEAL officer with five deployments under his belt and the rank of Lieutenant Commander. After losing his eye to an IED in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty, Crenshaw heroically volunteered for two more missions. He earned two Bronze Star Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with valor. He then went on to earn a master’s degree from Harvard. He speaks fluent Spanish and has maintained a happy marriage.

Comparatively, AOC disappears in Crenshaw’s shadow. AOC worked as a bartender and waitress, and as an organizer for Bernie Sander’s 2016 presidential campaign. She lacks minimum real-world experience and touts a juvenile’s Utopia as her political aspiration. While Crenshaw makes compelling statements like 10 years of security experience has taught him that a physical barrier is essential for border security, AOC argues that she can cure global weather changes with high taxes on American workers.

AOC is the quintessential cockeyed optimist, while Dan Crenshaw is the respectable and experienced realist.

Gag. That’s textbook ur-fascism, folks.


Updated 2:58 PST January 10, 2019. Original post stated Rep. Ocasio-Cortez defeated a “senior Congressional Republican” in the primaries. Her predecessor, Joe Crowley, is a Democrat to all but Troy Olson.


Agreeing Loudly is proud to help its contributors’ gain compensation for their labor. Please consider helping kuyaalb by supporting his Patreon campaign.

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