endorses Kurt Meyer for Iowa Democratic Party Chair

557a1c904bb17-imageOver the past month Kurt Meyer has been able to share his vision of the Iowa Democratic Party under his future leadership with his fellow Iowa Democrats. By and large, Agreeing Loudly is millennial, and we are progressive Democrats. co-founder Pat Meacham is a former Iowa House Caucus staffer and said he “couldn’t be happier to give my wholehearted support to my friend and mentor.” Kurt understands and embraces Meacham’s 3-M’s of political campaigning – Message, Money and Machine and how each one will move the IDP and Iowa forward.

He understands that without a simple, forward-thinking message that reaches all 99 counties – you have no message at all. Since we met him nearly a decade ago, Kurt has preached a message of collaboration, inclusion and introspection. He has been an honest voice promoting Iowa politics and the First-in-the-Nation Caucus with some of the biggest media outlets in the country – New York Times, NPR and on MSNBC.

Furthermore, Meyer believes in the political machine. No, not the Tammany Hall version of yesteryear – but the vision of recruiting and training activists and potential candidates year-round, not just every two years. The idea of IDP field staffers living, working and engaging citizens in areas across the state every year not just when their local candidate is “targeted” by the party bosses – is innovative and refreshing. The Iowa Democratic Party needs to start building relationships again from Ottumwa to St. Ansgar and everywhere between – just like Kurt has by helping found the Tri-County Democrats in northern Iowa.

Kurt has a history of successfully raising money both in the political realm and in the private sector with multi-million dollar fund development. After the 2014 cycle, he headed an ad-hoc group that suggested ways the IDP fundraising could be expanded. Without successful fundraising he understands the other 2-M’s will not be successful.

Kurt Meyer is not running for IDP Chair to boost future personal political endeavors, he is not running as an insider, he is not running as a legacy candidate – he is running to be IDP Chair because as he says “I am proud, passionate, progressive Democrat from the marrow of my soul to the core of my being,” and progressive Democrats know that he’d be pretty good at the job too.

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