Viking Fan Seeks To Be Indemnified by Vikings Organization for Damages Caused to Roommates’ Table


Eagleview Heights, MN — A passionate, local Viking fan seeks to be indemnified by the team for extensive damages he has caused roommates to alleviate his legal woes.

Garrett Atkinson, seen below in the video, is now the defendant is a multi-party lawsuit for civil damages. His three roommates have pursued damages alleging recklessness and the intentional tort of assault (‘imminent apprehension or fear of harmful or offensive contact of the person of the other’), and trespass to chattels. However, the enthusiastic fan, who for the last two years has shown a consistent pattern of destroying roommates’ property after a Vikings loss, is striking back — seeking to bring the Vikings organization into the lawsuit. Atkinson’s defenseĀ of “it’s not my fault they freaking suck at everything” and attempt to indemnify the team for said sucking, which he alleges was the proximate cause of the damage will likely fall on deaf ears with local Judge, who is a known Packers fan, but also because his defense is completely insane.

For further information on this ongoing suit, likely to be dismissed, see the video below of said property damage.




Episode 41: In the Interest of Sanity


On this episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast, Jered, Pat, and Troy bid farewell to the summer by discussing their hopes (and concerns) for the Minnesota Vikings. In addition, they continue their attempts at political commentary and discuss the end of the tragic Jacob Wetterling saga, the pipeline insanity of North Dakota, and whether the health of Hillary Clinton (or her body double) really matters. Meanwhile, Bill is lost in the wilderness somewhere training to be a Pokemon master.

Will Pat have words of wisdom to share, now that he’s joined the ranks of fatherhood? Does Jered have any faith in this year’s Minnesota Vikings? Will Troy’s new catchphrase catch on? Tune into this week’s episode to find out! Or do the cool thing, and direct download it instead.

Agreeing Loudly Presents “The Lost Nixon Tapes”

Portrait of President Richard M. Nixon

While we are awaiting the regular launch of the 2nd season of the Agreeing Loudly flagship “Coast to Coast” podcast with Pat, Bill, Jered, and various special guests — we thought we’d clue everyone in on some fantastic developments that our “Spotlight” team has been working on — the “Lost” Nixon Tapes. Like Presidents before him and some since, 37th President Richard M. Nixon taped nearly his entire Presidency. After the watergate scandal and being the first and only U.S. President to resign the office before his term was up, Nixon fought hard to protect the release of his tapes. Even today, not all of them have been released. Which brings us to now… our “Spotlight” team has discovered a cache of “Lost” Nixon White House tapes. Here is the first video below. For best results, since the audio is difficult to understand given that it was recorded decades ago, put your subtitles on.