Twins Organization Really Impressed With Prospect’s Chances to become Mediocre Veteran Player in 6 Years

twins front office

Minneapolis, MN — AAA prospect Jon Reed isn’t quite ready for the “show” yet, but the Twins organization and front office brass is really excited for his future, especially six years from now when he turns into a scrappy player whose peak-athletic years are behind him, but whose vast knowledge of the game will make him a perfect situational in-game manager from perhaps the shortstop position, but also occasionally spelling 2nd and 3rd base as well as one start a week in left field.

His .285/.360/.516 line has really excited fans and GM Terry Ryan alike, but don’t get too excited. As the 24 year old’s cup of coffee in the majors last week showed, he is not quite ready yet. Reed, who is repeating AAA ball this year and has been mashing all year, struck out seven times in just 23 at bats during his inconsistent and off-the-bench playing time over the course of 8 days. A sample size statistically insignificant to mean anything, but it was clear he was a little lost at the plate.

“We’d like to see more consistency out of him, so for the time being we’re going to have Miller start each day, he takes good at bats and really gets after it out there”, said an anonymous Twins front office official. Miller is sporting a .225/.279/.368 line for the season but his defense and ability to look like he knows what he is doing at the plate have impressed the dozen or so fans still paying attention to the 2016 Twins season.

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