Under-35 Year Old Really Makes an Impact at Local Senate District Meeting

Micah Johnson, seen above, has a Masters in Education and an undergraduate degree in Political Science, with a minor in history. Johnson has amassed over 400 hours of campaign volunteering over the past few cycles in the 3 different Senate Districts he has lived in.

Eagleview Heights, MN — A local DFL Senate District unit was blown away when an under-35 year old showed up to their monthly scheduled central committee meeting, which are at the Park Grove Library on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Micah Johnson, an under-35 year old who has been looking to get more involved walked into room 110 of the library and blew Senate District Chair Jim Salverson, and treasurer Vicki Janz, out of the water with his knowledge of how to navigate the vote building mystery of a machine known as the VAN, in political circles. For each cycle since modern campaigns began, how to operate and work the VAN has vexed perennial candidate Salverson, whose candidacy this year against Republican incumbent Rich Vandemeir, has seen a boost.

“In past years we were on all-paper, we have kept a very diligent file, but we could never figure out how to get it into the VAN, that thing is so confusing. It makes you change your password every time you log in it seems”, explained Salverson, who after the meeting gave Micah four campaign cycles worth of direct voter contact data with an embarrassed look on his face. “It should take me about 2 hours this weekend”, explained Micah, “they really haven’t door-knocked that much and the election results being in line with the PPI (Partisan Performance Index) make sense.”

“We’re hoping that Micah’s involvement will bring more young people into being involved”, expounded Janz, who overseas a Senate District account of $6,319.17. “I mean when you think about it, they really are the future.”


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