The Coast to Coast Podcast #37: Brexit and the Iron Throne


Due to the one week suspension of Bill by the Agreeing Loudly Passive Aggressive Board of Trustees, Troy joins Pat and Jered to bring the Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast podcast back from the brink.

In the light of the “Episode 36: The Lost Episode” Pat attempts to lighten the mood with a noncontroversial discussion of millennial purchasing habits, Jered continues his slavish devotion to Game of Thrones by asking what outside force has what it takes to sit on the Iron Throne, and Troy discusses the political fallout of Brexit and what it means for the future of West…er…I mean the United Kingdom.

Can Pat explain what Craft Beer and Energy Drinks have in common? Can Jered solve the Iron Throne crisis once and for all? Will Troy be able to prepare the world for a post-Brexit world? Listen now to find out!
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Brexit Induces Mass Panic! Pound and Euro to enter the “Hall of Lost Causes”

“The pound and euro have fallen..the Prime Minister has resigned…the nationalists are coming!” — a Patronus from the UK late-last night delivering the message.

London, UK — The EU referendum results came in early this morning London time, and the results are grim for the “remain” campaign. Not only is British Prime Minister David Cameron out, and a Donald Trump look-a-like in, but there also appears to be significant fall-out in the wake of this vote. My inclination was mass panic. Many on the socials felt the same, while also turning into political and international “experts” overnight… and in the not-even-24 hours since, things have been getting worse.

Contrary to what some claimed, Scotland looks “highly likely” to hold a 2nd independence vote and while they voted 62 percent to stay the first time around, the UK leaving the European Union will not help matters. In fact, if it wasn’t for the votes of Scotland and London, “remain” would have been thoroughly “trumped” or shall say “faraged” on Thursday night / Friday morning. If….nah…when Scotland leaves the UK in the next few years, the already dysfunctional Labour Party will lose all relevance. As one of my colleagues pointed out, a more conservative-Tory Party is likely, perhaps choosing Ukip as their coalition partner next time rather than the pro-EU Liberal Democrats.

Those are the politics of it all and what is possibly to come though.

The financial markets have already chimed in with their thoughts. In less than a day, the pound has dropped to its lowest point since 1985, the euro dropped as well, and the U.S. markets felt it too, posting their worst day since 2011.

Now that the most depressing stuff is out of the way, please accompany me next week to the “Hall of Lost Causes” induction ceremony where the pound, the euro (for now), and globalization join past “lost causes” such as the Confederacy, the 2016 Minnesota Twins season, and my attempts to court Jennifer Lawrence.

It will be a simple but fun ceremony and hopefully the pomp and circumstance will distract us for a moment from the reality that the Brexit vote. While the vote can be seen as seemingly just another occurrence in history’s “one damn thing after another” in isolation, it is far more reasonable to conclude that it’s part of the wider global trend toward rising nationalism (coated with xenophobia at its worst), increased factionalism, and the world retreating to its “comfortable” corners. The European Union was and is undemocratic and deeply flawed in many ways. However, this will not help matters.

I’ll end on a positive, but bittersweet note.

I dearly hope my esteemed colleague Dr. Allan Branstiter is right.

I hope there will be buyers’ remorse over this move.

I hope it serves as a warning to U.S. voters who are about to make an important vote of their own this fall.

And I hope this message finds you, and finds you well. If you need me, I’ll be walking outside not unlike this exclusive footage of this British banker late last night seen below.



Twins Organization Really Impressed With Prospect’s Chances to become Mediocre Veteran Player in 6 Years

twins front office

Minneapolis, MN — AAA prospect Jon Reed isn’t quite ready for the “show” yet, but the Twins organization and front office brass is really excited for his future, especially six years from now when he turns into a scrappy player whose peak-athletic years are behind him, but whose vast knowledge of the game will make him a perfect situational in-game manager from perhaps the shortstop position, but also occasionally spelling 2nd and 3rd base as well as one start a week in left field.

His .285/.360/.516 line has really excited fans and GM Terry Ryan alike, but don’t get too excited. As the 24 year old’s cup of coffee in the majors last week showed, he is not quite ready yet. Reed, who is repeating AAA ball this year and has been mashing all year, struck out seven times in just 23 at bats during his inconsistent and off-the-bench playing time over the course of 8 days. A sample size statistically insignificant to mean anything, but it was clear he was a little lost at the plate.

“We’d like to see more consistency out of him, so for the time being we’re going to have Miller start each day, he takes good at bats and really gets after it out there”, said an anonymous Twins front office official. Miller is sporting a .225/.279/.368 line for the season but his defense and ability to look like he knows what he is doing at the plate have impressed the dozen or so fans still paying attention to the 2016 Twins season.

AP Mass Shooting Template Accidentally Published

Above is the template picture to be replaced by the site of the shooting picture according to the accidentally published template —  this template picture is proof that most AP journalists are godless communists, that are planning to take your guns with their Star Trek quotes and hippie lifestyle.

Washington D.C. — At approximately noon today, an Associated Press journalist accidentally published the mass shooting in the United States template he had been working from for the past six years of his employment. Below is the text of that template.


In what has seemingly become a daily occurrence in the United States, the latest mass shooting took place at [insert: city or town name here] and while we are still waiting for information to come in, authorities report that the alleged shooter is [insert first-middle-last name of shooter here] and has been [insert: apprehended or shot and killed or in critical condition here]. It is unclear at this time whether he [keep male pronoun throughout, a damn good time-saving assumption Jason!!] acted alone or whether there were accomplices, but we will be staying on top of this as more reports come out.

[First-middle-last name] is a [insert: ethnic or racial background here] and had a history of [insert: “choose your own adventure”story hereif White, disturbed or had history of mental health issues, if Black or Hispanic, potential gang-related activities, if Muslim, obvious references or potential ties and speculation to current terrorist group threatening the new key Middle Eastern region, and if Asian, see white person societal excuse for mass killing and perhaps add stress-related family pressures].

Prominent [insert: Democratic politician here] said that (his or her) “heart goes out to the victims and their families, it is inconceivable that this senseless, tragic, and avoidable violence must continue in our country. I call on my colleagues of both parties to act on sensible and publicly supported gun violence legislation.”

Prominent [insert: Republican politician here] said that (his or younger his) “thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. I call upon my colleagues to not jump to hasty conclusions unless it ties into the wider ‘War on Terror’ rubric, and I also call on my colleagues of all faiths and denominations to pray in the House and Senate tomorrow.”

It is expected that the current round of conversations that we’ll hold nationally and publicly will result in a [insert: exact lay out of non-action and explanation of absolutely nothing changing] and this will be a hot-button issue on the campaign trail this fall, although [insert: statistic about how few people actually care about this when they vote to reaffirm the prevailing notion that nothing will change here.]


EXCLUSIVE: New Leaks Reveal CSM’s Account of Iraq War According to WWE Superstar John Cena

LOS ANGELES, CA—A hacker operating under the alias “SPCgaryPOWNen487” leaked a classified account of the history of the Iraq War this afternoon. While national security experts and historians have deemed much of the information contained within this presentation, they admit that it offers valuable insight into the mind of the average U.S. Army senior non-commissioned officer.

This 8-slide Powerpoint presentation appears to have been composed by CSM Anthony S. Ciotola of III Corps HQ stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Department of Defense officials have not yet commented on the authenticity of this presentation or information as to who it was intended for.


The Coast to Coast Podcast #35: Bill and Pat Strike Back

The band is back together on another exciting episode of Agreeing Loudly’s Coast to Coast podcast. Fresh off their adventures North of the Wall, Bill and Pat join Jered to dispel the myths about Millennials, nerd out about the homestretch of Game of Thrones, and discuss the political insanity of the presidential race.

Will Pat’s sound effects offend one of our most loyal listeners? Has Bill’s chosen leader, Donald Trump finally gone too far? And will Jered be able to contain his Elizabeth Warren hype? Listen now to find out!
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Agreeing Loudly’s Allan Branstiter Receives Accolades for Coverage of Veterans’ Issues

Allan Accolades

LOS ANGELES, CA—Agreeing Loudly columnist Allan Branstiter received the accolades for his deft and insightful coverage of veterans issues. Jack and Jason, two prestigious and influential New media, poured praise for Branstiter’s work.

“I have been browsing online more than 3 hours nowadays,” Jack remarked about Branstiter’s article covering the obvious plight of a Minneapolis veteran who spend days soliciting the thanks of civilians on Memorial Day , “yet I by no means discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is beautiful value sufficient for me.”

Jason was evidently more impressed by Branstiter’s journalistic bravery, explaining “I believe that you simply could do with [just] a few p.c. to power the message house a bit, but instead of that, this is an excellent blog. . . . I will certainly be black.”

Both urged Agreeing Loudly’s editorial staff to pay Branstiter market rates for his contributions to their website. His peers universally agree.

“To be honest,” mused Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, “as exceptional as Troy Olson and Carson Starkey are, you can find writers just like them pretty easily. Allan Branstiter’s the unicorn of online journalism. You’re not going to find another Allan Branstiter.”

“Forget once in a generation,” stated David Brooks, “he’s more of a once in a lifetime talent.”

Retired public radio personality Garrison Keillor was more subdued in his praise for Branstiter’s growing influence. “I consider it an intensely personal failure on my part that Allan Branstiter hates me,” he said, “I worked for decades under the apparently misguided conception that I was good at my job; however, I’m clearly the embodiment of bad white liberalism and a stain upon the very term ‘entertainer.'”

While the Agreeing Loudly editorial staff could not be reached at press time, Branstiter’s colleague Carson  Starkey offered his praise. “Allan Branstiter is the Ta-Nehisi Coates of America’s veteran community,” he remarked. “Inequality and injustice flee at the sound of his keystroke.”

The Associated Press attempted to contact Jack and Jason; however, a “trojan horse” cracked their internal email server and emptied the organization’s trust fund.

Sorry Liberals, Hillary Clinton’s Nomination in the Year 2016 Is Not Progress…


…rather, it’s more a statement of our slowness in the realm of social and culture life and justice in comparison to the rest of the world. We may have been pioneering and cutting edge in the realm of human liberty and self-governance in 1776, but we’ve been surpassed since. If you want to find things we’re #1 at, look to the economic and innovation realms.

It’s true that Hillary Clinton will be the first nominee of a major party for President of the United States. Yes, this is historic. However, it’s not nearly as historic as some liberals would lead you to believe.

The real progress is that now by popular acclamation, women can be democratically elected as the preferred choice of a majority of voters as the Presidential nominee for a major political party in this country. But it should have happened years ago.

Not only were women qualified to be President before Hillary Clinton, but they proved they were.

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The Gentrified Revolution

For all of Bernie Sanders’s rhetoric about the ills of income inequality and class warfare, in Los Angeles his message was most popular in gentrifying precincts. Dissecting the spacial aspects of why his presidential campaign failed offers important lessons as the movement he inspired looks to the future.

by Allan Branstiter

LA County

The Los Angeles Times published a fascinating and telling interactive map displaying how each of LA’s precincts voted during the Democratic Primary on June 7th. My first impression of the map was that of shock—Hillary Clinton absolutely dominated Bernie Sanders throughout the Los Angeles County. The map basically depicts a sea of blue swamping little boroughs of pinko insurgency.

Aside from the degree of Clinton’s victory in Los Angeles, a close look of the precinct results offers progressives a few important lessons as they plan for the future.

Progressives Still Need to Engage Racial Injustice

If you want to make a Sanders supporter bristle, just talk about the fact that the core of his support tends to be comfortable, highly educated, and white. While Sanders made several important (albeit uncomfortable) overtures towards racial injustice and won the support of high-profile African-American intellectuals and activists like Killer Mike and Ta-Nehisi Coates, black and brown folks still voted largely for Clinton. This holds true in LA, where Clinton did very well South Central cities like Compton, Carson, Inglewood, and West Adams.


White Sanders supporters have been struggling for months to understand why their message of economic and social justice is not resonating in non-white communities. While I have a few theories, I certainly don’t claim to have the answers to this problem; however, I am certain that Bernie and the vast majority of his supporters failed to engage racial problems in a way that convince minorities that they saw their issues (poverty, discrimination, segregation, crime, mass incarceration) as more than abstract political issues. White liberals are adept at talking about racial justice, but they’re not very good at engaging racial injustice.

This map can help us explore this issue from the perspective of racial spaces, and how the old adage “Pay attention to what white folks do, not what they say” might help nurture a truly biracial progressive movement in the future.


Sanders Won the Gentrification Vote

The second thing about this map was the fact that Sander’s core of support roughly mapped out the gentrified/gentrifying areas of Los Angeles. This is important to understand because—despite what well-meaning realtors, developers, independent book shop owners, and young urban professional sincerely believes—gentrification is economic and racial violence.

Sadly, where we see concentrations of Sanders supporters on this map, we also see areas of intensifying economic and geographic displacement on the ground. For example, check out the South Beach area:


Lakewood and Long Beach (located southern of Signal Hill on the map) serve as somewhat affordable bedroom communities for white middle class entertainment, tech, and corporate professionals working north in Downtown and West LA. With this population comes good public services and commercial development. On June 7th, these communities were either evenly contested, with the trendier parts of town going for Sanders.

To the north and east are the communities of Carson and Compton, where precincts went solidly for Clinton. The fact that they are also largely African-American, poor, and neglected is a result of decades of urban redlining, economic predation, and systematic racism. In the past Long Beach and Lakewood worked endlessly to keep surrounding blacks out of their suburbs, but today the area is losing African-American residents due to poor economic opportunities, rising costs, crime, and persistent neglect. In their place are thousands of house flippers, land developers, and white middle class “settlers.”

The browns and blacks who remain face an increasingly precarious housing market, low paying service jobs, and heavy policing. Sure, they have a Trader Joe’s now, but their overall quality of life is stagnating. Considering these facts, it should come as no surprise that poor non-whites did not embrace the enthusiasm for Sanders displayed by their well-meaning but ultimately aloof white neighbors.

The South Beach phenomenon can be seen elsewhere in Los Angeles. For example, Sanders had a lot of support along the I-10 corridor in West LA, where a growing tech sector in “Silcon Beach” (Venice Beach) and the extension of the Metro Expo Line from Downtown to Santa Monica have fueled the displacement of poor Hispanics and blacks in the area:


Then there’s ground-zero of LA gentrification—Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, and Eagle Rock are all hotly developing boroughs with large white populations that voted for Sanders. In fact, one of the most notorious instances of racial displacement occurred in Elysian Park when Chavez Ravine (a Hispanic community) was forcefully emptied and bulldozed to make way for Dodger Stadium:


Long story short, if we’re going to talk about why Sanders did poorly among racial minorities, we need to discuss the failings of white liberalism. We should first begin by dispelling the ideal that all forms of racism—be it segregation, discrimination, neglect, or gentrification—are implicitly motivated by racial malevolence. We need to acknowledge the fact that good “woke” people who espouse even the most inclusive notions of racial justice can also unthinkingly sustain a system of racial inequality. Doing so might alleviate the burden of whiteness felt by white Sanders supporters, and hasten the arrival of a more inclusive and productive progressive movement.

Parting Shot—Clinton Won the Rich and Older People Vote

As a true blue leftist with significant disdain for the outsized influence of wealthy people in the Democratic politics, I should also point out that Clinton won overwhelmingly in the enclaves of ca$h money in LA. Brentwood. Beverly Hills. Pacific Palisades. Westwood. Pasadena. All went for Clinton. Clinton also did well among older Democrats in the ‘burbs: Covina, Beverlywood, Studio City, Encino and the Valley more generally. On the other hand, Sanders did well in Hollywood, where he gummed up traffic and wooed the starry-eyed youths living along Sunset Strip.