Local Cat Takes Third Nap of the Day

by Troy M. Olson

There is a lot of bad news every day, news, by definition is a break in the status quo – which is things going as planned. The editorial team at Agreeing Loudly is proud to launch its “Not-News” section of the site. We bring you this breaking story that is absolutely banal and not-news at all, but it will make you smile and feel better about the world.

This local cat, after waking up early to see his people off and working security detail, watching the cars and pedestrians go by, settles in for his third nap. Usually he waits another hour before allowing himself to dream of a world where he controls the ever elusive red dot, but today was a particularly difficult day: the woman had to wear the black pants he had carefully pulled off the chair to relax in, and a green car drove by 3 times. He thought to himself: “I have this car on my radar and have alerted the local squirrel community.”  Before drifting off to sleep…. 

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