Agreeing Loudly’s #Boomsplaining of the Week

Ed Rendell – Agreeing Loudly’s Boomersplainer of the Week


An ageist term used by lazy millennials to disrespect, belittle and devalue the opinion of their older and wiser peers in an attempt to make themselves appear smarter or better in comparison.

Most likely stolen by a group of super-predators from the urban dictionary definition of mansplaining.

This is common among mixed age discussions and debates. The term Boomersplaining is commonly thrown around by those who wish to turn the argument into a battle of the generations or just lack any knowledge or means of adding value to the discussion and wish to devalue the input of other’s (in this case Boomers) who are involved in said discussion.

Sue: “I think college education should be more affordable, interest rates should be lower on government loans and consolidation should be an option.”
Bob: “When I was in college my summer job paid for my education.”
Sue: “Oh there you go again Boomersplaining!”

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