Coast to Coast Podcast #32: A Trainwreck, Trump, and Cheddar Bay Biscuits

58460104On this week’s episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast your favorite podcasting trio answers today’s most pressing questions: Do millennials still like those Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits?

Also this week, Jered attempts to discuss virtual reality before realizing he’s plugged into the Matrix and the only way to escape is to hop aboard the Hype Train with his pals Sandor and Gregor. Pat attempts to restore order with some sports-related morality lessons on the dangers of performance enhancing drugs, before falling victim to Jered’s terrible prognostication. Fortunately, with a little help from Bill “Trump Tower” Nentl, political knowledge descends from the heavens to Make Agreeing Loudly Great Again.

Does anyone care about virtual reality? Will the new Wild Coach make Minnesota sports fans quack? Can a local man win an election on a pro nursing home fraud platform? Listen to this week’s episode to find out!

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Show Links:

Millennials Are Really Into Red Lobster – Food and Wine

An unlikely restaurant won over millennials by ignoring them – Business Insider

Welcome to The Void, a full-body virtual reality simulation

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3– Oathbreaker – Recap – Watchers on the Wall

Where does Colorado’s Pot money go? This year the answer is Glenwood Springs – Aspen Public Radio

Grimsley to take on Marquart for Minnesota House 4B seat – DL-Online


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