My Endorsement in the Often Overlooked Cat Primary

by Troy M. Olson

Harrison J. Potter (S-NY), in his Manhattan office.

While Americans from coast to coast are distracted by the Presidential primaries, an often overlooked cat primary is happening.

I’d like to use this space to show my support for Harrison J. Potter, of the SophistiCat Party, for the office of Emperor of the World.

Harrison has overcame great difficulties in his life to get where he is today, and if you hear it directly from him, the stories are legendary.

His Mother abandoned him in a rainstorm in rural Minnesota, he convinced his adoptive Mother to take him in as a mentor to her kittens. He used his natural size advantages to grow even stronger, and used his charm to convince the humans to bring him into the house. This is the kind of charm a cat will need to lead the cat revolution.

Potter, 7, originally of Minnesota, often draws strength from his hero, Alexander Hamilton. Harrison considers himself an adherent to a Strong Central Food Source, internal furnishings for a variety nap choices, and is adamantly opposed to his unsophisticated feral opponent.

“Harry” as he is often affectionally called by the people, is strong willed, a self-starter, vocal, very vocal, and knows exactly when to turn on the charm. He will negotiate much better trade deals with Siamese Cats, and will use his impressively sharp teeth to ward off clumsy humans who might be stepping on your tail.

This November, I strongly urge you to vote Potter!

This message has been paid for by Harry for Cat Emperor.

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