Agreeing Loudly Podcast: Why The Democrats Are Losing

274c7de9d9dcb54d3e2737f0c559aa10Pat, Troy and Carson take a deep dive into why democrats are losing elections and provide their insights into how and when the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy will start winning again. Troy talks about the cynical aspects of identity politics, Pat does his best Nate Silver and looks into the state legislative losses over the last 7 years and Carson takes on the bipartisan neoliberal to neoconservative policy consensus of tax cuts and who they really benefit.

With some shameless pleas for Thomas Frank and Rick Perlstein to pay attention to Agreeing Loudly and a handful of greatly needed plugs for Matt Taibbi and Matthew Yglesias, the end result…a fantastic weekend podcast to listen to.

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Show Notes and Articles:

Froma Harrop: Let’s break from identity politics, together

The Democrats’ Identity Politics Problem

Have Democrats lost 900 seats in state legislatures since Obama has been president?

The Obama Legacy: Over 1,000 Democratic Seats Lost to Republicans

Why So Many Democrats Rejected Obama’s Lobbying on the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal

Republican and Democratic Presidents Have Switched Economic Policies


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