April Presidential Primary Calendar


Democratic Presidential Primary Calendar

April 5 – Wisconsin

April 9 – Wyoming (Caucus)

April 19 – New York

April 26 (mini-Super Tuesday) – Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island

Republican Presidential Primary Calendar

April 1 – North Dakota (Caucus)

April 5 – Wisconsin

April 19 – New York

April 26 (mini-Super Tuesday) – Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island

What Hillary needs to do: win any state and/or do not lose states by too much (55-45 losses are fine, 60-40 less so, 70-30 worse case scenario).

What Bernie needs to do: win Wisconsin with some room to spare, win the Wyoming Caucus by at least 70-30, win New York outright to change the narrative, then win easily in Rhode Island, and just win outright in Delaware, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

What Trump needs to do: win his home state of New York, add 3 of the 5 states on mini-Super Tuesday to it, preferably Maryland, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania included.

What Cruz needs to do: win North Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

What Kasich needs to do: win Wisconsin, stay competitive in North Dakota, New York, and the Super Tuesday states. The goal for Kasich at this point is to just gather up some delegates where he can and look like a potential viable candidate on the floor of a contested convention.

Will anyone drop out in April? I’m going to say “no.” Bernie has the money to keep going and he also has enough winnable states lined up all the way until the end of the primary season. The more delegates he wins the more prominent a slot at the convention for the issues he has been campaigning on. There is no reason for him to drop out.

On the GOP side, they need three candidates in the race if the “respectable conservative plot to cheat” is to have any chance. They need to prevent Trump from securing enough delegates and as of today, he is on pace to secure enough delegates. Kasich and Cruz both play decently well in Wisconsin, North Dakota is no sure thing for Trump, but that is not enough. Between Kasich and Cruz, they need to find more states to win outright in as the GOP calendar has now moved into the heart of the winner-take-all states.

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