Episode 26: Primary Polls, Movie Trailers and Apple v. FBI


On this week’s episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast Jered, Bill and Pat (only because he had to) finally answer the question that has been in the minds of our listeners since day one. What will be the better movie: Batman vs.Superman or Captain America: Civil War?

Oh and they also talk about some other mildly interested topics including Dancing with the Stars co-host Erin Andrews’ successful lawsuit against the Marriott, whether or not Apple should give the FBI a back door to the Iphone and not one, not two, but three different political topics.

Can all of these topics possibly fit into an hour? Will Jered stop dropping F’bombs long enough for Pat and Bill to get in a word edgewise? Will there even be a podcast episode next week? Tune in to find out! The answer to those questions and more will be found if you listen to this week’s episode,  or you can direct download here to find out!

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