April Presidential Primary Calendar

Democratic Presidential Primary Calendar April 5 – Wisconsin April 9 – Wyoming (Caucus) April 19 – New York April 26 (mini-Super Tuesday) – Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island Republican Presidential Primary Calendar April 1 – North Dakota (Caucus) April 5 – Wisconsin April 19 – New York April 26 (mini-Super Tuesday) – Maryland, Connecticut,…

Donald Trump and Right-Wing Drag

Like a skilled drag performer Trump exposed mainstream Republicanism—an ideology based on subtle identity politics and soft authoritarianism—as a farce by taking it to it’s rational extreme. Trump is a buffoonish caricature of the American populist Right. While many observers believes that this would have disqualified him from any serious consideration, The Donald’s theatrics both to mock elite Republicanism and vindicates the anger felt by marginalized conservatives—which is not exclusively white or male (Hillary Clinton, beware).

Corruption, Overreaction, and Fact-Free Politics at the New York State Senate

by Troy M. Olson In our great country, there are three main regions: New York City, Los Angeles, and the Midwest. Politically speaking, if you value vaguely responsive, effective, and non-corrupt governance, you’ll want to be somewhere in the Midwest, or as the “Agreeing Loudly” podcast now calls it—Central Earth. I grew up in the Midwest,…

The High Price of Phantom Development

Like many grand visions what might be possible for the Midway is nothing more than a concept. No matter. The entirely speculative redevelopment vision was enough evidence for the City Council to approve the expenditure of $18.4 million in infrastructure improvements around the proposed stadium. For those familiar with how St. Paul government has operated for the past decade under Mayor Chris Coleman, this outcome should come as no surprise.

In Our Post-Factual World, Kayfabe is King

by Carson Starkey At some point in the not-so-distant future, The Nation of Domination will “interrupt” a Donald Trump rally/speech. They will appear suddenly in a doorway, bathed in spotlights, wielding baseball bats, chains, and tire irons. They will begin marching towards the main stage, advancing on scattered groups of terrified, hysterical, elderly white Fox…

Episode 27: Agreeing Loudly Attempts to Create Podcast “Born to Run”

The curse of 27 lives on! 2 of our 3 regulars are out this week, and everyone else has busted March Madness brackets. Come one, come all and listen to Pat, Carson, and Troy recover to discuss whether we have reached “peak Millennial” in Urbania, United States. Listen to dispatches and exclusives from Central Earth,…

Kleiner Mann Joe Blue Collar, Was Nun?: The Way Forward for Those Who Don’t Care About The Heritage Foundation’s Agenda

What rankles self-proclaimed grown up conservatives about Trump is that he’s giving away the inside game by verifying an uncomfortable suspicion that Heritage Foundation “scholars” have always attempted to suppress during campaigns. That is, most self-proclaimed conservative voters don’t care about the Ayn Rand agenda. While abolishing taxation, dissolving social insurance, and building Pax Americana are important causes to people who work at The Wall Street Journal, all that Jane or Joe Blue Collar care about relates to making financial ends meet. Which makes conservative aristocrats angry bordering on hysterical.

What Wrestling Can Tell Us About Donald Trump

Professional wrestling, in many ways, can tell us more about democracy, demagoguery, and the political power of public spectacle than polling and political science. Donald Trump’s campaign is a revolution in the kayfabe of American politics. Unlike many candidates, he offer no glimpses beyond his public persona, nor does he offer much in the way of concrete policy plans. Instead, he invites his audience to pour their anger, disappointments, and indignation into the vessel of “The Donald.” Political scientists and pundits try to dissect the rationale behind his support to no avail because, just as in wrestling, what matters is not what a Trump support thinks but what a Trump supporter sees.

Russian,Syria, and the Limits of Military Power

Six months after intervening on behalf of the Assad regime, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that “the main part” of the Russian military task force in Syria will begin to withdraw. Despite warnings that Barack Obama’s foreign policy had the U.S. “slouching toward World War III”—this isn’t some whacky prognostication from the margins of American foreign policy thought, it came from a former professor and NSA analyst and Naval War College professor—the Forever-War Consensus’s great erotic nightmare of World War III hasn’t come to fruition. I suppose they’ll have to find a more effect way of killing off all us pinko Millennials.But how did all these national security black-belts and counterterrorism maestro’s with super-secret clearances get it so wrong?

Episode 26: Primary Polls, Movie Trailers and Apple v. FBI

On this week’s episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast Jered, Bill and Pat (only because he had to) finally answer the question that has been in the minds of our listeners since day one. What will be the better movie: Batman vs.Superman or Captain America: Civil War? Oh and they also talk about some…

Boomer Plot to Slaughter Millennials in c. 2018 War with Iran Uncovered

The fallout from the Democratic debate last night, hysteria over Bernie Sanders’ surprise victory in Michigan, polls that show 1 in 3 supporters of his candidacy won’t vote for Hillary in the General Election, and subsequent press leaks that the future President is critical of the current President’s foreign policy doctrine of “not doing stupid…

Marco Rubio’s Public Statement on Suspending His Presidential Campaign

By Carson Starkey, Chief Speechwriter for Senator Marco Rubio Good evening, I am here tonight to announce that I am suspending my presidential campaign effective immediately. Pause for widespread, slowly cascading applause. After many hours of consultation with Chamber of Commerce lobbyists, American Enterprise Institute board members, Heritage Foundation scholars, Fox News producers, The Honorable…