Episode 23: Taylor Swift and Caucuses


NH Primary - Donald Trump no bug_1455073325560_824505_ver1.0

Chaos! Agreeing Loudly soldiers on with just one regular, can Pat Meacham carry the show as fill-in host with two guests? And what a terrible time to bring on Carson Starkey and Troy Olson, right after Bernie Sanders has a crushing loss in Nevada.

Together, Pat, Carson, and Troy embark on a savage journey into the heart of the American Dream and in pursuit of peak satire. Two beers later, they begin to prepare the country for the inevitable general election matchup (Clinton vs. Trump) this fall.

Along the way, a Kayne West vs. Taylor Swift debate (because of course), a back and forth on the dismal present and near future of the Democratic Party, distinctions between different cohorts of Millennialism, and how little we all know about modern popular music. You can listen to this episode of “Agreeing Loudly” on Libsyn OR Download the episode On iTunes.

Introduction and Attempts to Get Beer Sponsors: 0:00-3:57

Millennial Musings: A Different Take for the Nevada Youth Vote 3:57-12:00

Sports Round Up: “Whistle Sports” 12:15-24:47

Pop Goes the Culture: T-Swift, Kayne West, and We’re Old 24:47-40:47

Political Parrots: Nevada Caucus, SC Primary, and the Inevitable 40:47-1:16:25

“Agreeing Loudly” & Other Articles to Check Out 1:16:26-1:19:25

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