Safe for Work Ways to Kill Time at Work.


    By Pat Meacham

To help you get excited and possibly depressed for the upcoming Game of Thrones season here is the newest GOT Season 6 trailer.

Just in case you’re not from America and feel like you need to put on a few extra pounds – McDonalds is testing a Fried Chicken McGriddle breakfast sandwich.

Question: Who has a bigger ego Kanye West or Donald Trump – if I was a betting man (I’m a degenerate) I would put my money on Kanye – especially after hearing his meltdown from backstage at SNL last week.

If you were looking for something else to blame on millennials – apparently we are to blame for the state of the roads and highway system. It has nothing to do with a lack of funding and aging infrastructure…turns out.

The article referenced on the latest Agreeing Loudly Podcast from CNBC – both offers millennials an apology and takes them to task all in the same article – it’s glorious.

Allan Branstiter may or may not be behind the Amazon posting where you can purchase Colin Kaepernick…since Allan referenced Colin’s fall from grace  on last week podcast here are a couple great GIFS that highlight the greatness that once was. Torrey Smith nearly S’ed his P’s while he was uncovered prior to the play.  And finally – what one can only hope is the last Colin Kaepernick reference on this website for all of eternity – Colin attempts a pass that even Josh Freeman would be embarrassed by.

Martina Hingis is a bad person, a bad ass and probably now in prison.

Major League baseball has banned a player for life stemming from the new 3 strikes your out anti-doping rule. With any luck Ervin Santana will be the second player to be banned from life. My guess is that it will happen in late August while the Twins are clinging to a 3 game lead in the Central Division and Santana sports a 15-3 and 2.07 ERA. #CurseofPunto

Iowa was jealous of the University of Minnesota and their college athletics ineptitude and decided they would join the fray with a Title IX bias probe… 

Shit Ben Carson says – your welcome!

The ultimate troll-job was performed by Bill’s guy Donald Trump, but to be fair he was picking on a 7 year old boy – check out Jeb’s website – it won’t disappoint.

Last Week Tonight goes after state issued ID’s and voting – turns out the staunchest supports of show ID’s at the polling place are some of the biggest hypocrites.

538 lays out Bernie Sanders’ path to victory – surprisingly it doesn’t start with a win in Nevada but realistically it does.

Friend of the podcast John Kasich shouldn’t have gone on the late show with Stephen Colbert – stick to Fox News and CNBC…Johnny.

New material from the Lumineers – their new song ‘Ophelia is out now and the new album ‘Cleopatra’ is available for pre-order.

Santigold released a new single ‘Banshee’ – her album ‘99cents’ is streamable on NPR First Listen before it is released.

Wiz Khalifa – raps over Adele’s ‘Hello’ and it’s all about weed. And some people say that we aren’t in touch with pop-culture.

Cage the Elephant has probably the best new single out right now – ‘Mess Around’ is off the 2015 ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ LP release from the band.

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