Episode 21: The Voice of the Silent Majority


On this week’s episode, friend of the show Maria Camargo joins us all the way from the great city of Toledo which may or may not be located in the land of the eastern time zone.

In honor of the upcoming New Hampshire Primary, we share our favorite pieces of pop culture from the iconic state. Also, it’s Super Bowl 50 time in the Agreeing Loudly studio as Pat leads an exciting prop bet segment that will be sure to leave Jered wracked with regret by next week’s episode.

In a shamefully transparent effort at plugging our written content, we delve into an article by Allan Branstiter discussing whether Generation X is finally ready to flex it’s political muscle.

And of course we spend far too much time talking about the Iowa Caucus results and what they mean for the New Hampshire Primary.

Get ready to the play The Game with another exciting episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast or direct download it here.

Pop Goes the Culture: New Hampshire Pop Culture Nuggets 3:17-13:05

Sports Round Up: Super Bowl Predictions 13:15-25:40

Millennial Musings Generation X: The Time is Now? 25:44-37:12

Political Parrots: Iowa Caucus Fallout and New Hampshire 37:14-53:10

Outro/Where to Find Us 53:12-55:25

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