Episode 20: Ode to Iowa


Just in time for the first contest of the presidential primaries, Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast is back with special guest Justin Norris to discuss the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary.

Everyone’s on deck to share their favorite Iowa pop culture contributions, struggle through an Iowacentric sports segment, and discuss whether millennials are actually going to vote during the upcoming elections. In addition, Pat leads an exciting “Know Your Caucus Contender” contest that reminds us why we should have payed more attention in civics class. In addition, we manage to offend an entire generation of people and both major political parties.

Will this week finally be the week the censors shut us down? Listen to this week’s episode to find out! Or direct download it instead.

Intro 0:00-3:45

Pop Goes the Culture: Iowa Favorites 3:46-12:45

Sports Round Up: Iowa Edition 12:50-19:45

Millennial Musings: Will Millennials Vote? 19:51-32:40

Political Parrots: It’s Caucus Time 32:45-1:08:15

Outro/Where to find us :1:08:40-1:10:38

Comments? Thoughts? We'd love to hear 'em!

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