Episode 19: The Search for Bill

Bill Nentl Meme

This week Agreeing Loudly runs into some technical difficulties when Bill decides that charging his phone and telling time is insignificant compared to the power of his wife’s birthday.

In what some people are calling “the worst podcast ever” Pat and Jered have a vibrant discussion about the future of Hispanic Millennial voters and whether or not presidential debates really matter. Fortunately, Bill uses his mad computer science skills to teleport in for the second half of the episode to lead a Pop Goes the Culture segment focusing on Agreeing Loudly’s most anticipated movies of 2016.

After sitting through that nerdtastic discussion, Pat bring things back to reality with a sports discussion including NFL predictions, Ronda Rousey’s acting chops, and other hot sports topic from the previous week.

Can Pat and Jered hold a discussion without Bill? Will Lebron James destroy this podcast once and for all? What am I talking about?

Listen to this week’s episode to find out! Or direct download it instead.

Intro 0:00-2:00

Millennial Musings: Hispanic Millennials Rising 2:00-8:50

Political Parrots: Do Debates Matter? 8:53-25:00

Pop Goes the Culture: Most Anticipated Movies of 2016 27:26-41:40

Sports Round Up NFL Predictions and Ronda Rousey Acting 41:47-57:35

Outro/Where to Find Us 57:37-59:42 

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