Episode 14: Millennials Rising


This week Jered, Troy, Pat and Bill discuss whether the 2016 presidential election is as historic as some would like to think, whether or not Jeb Bush’s tax plan has what it takes to make Millennials rise above the mucky muck, the existential crisis facing college football and Minnesota sports in general. Also, Bill makes his segment hosting debut with a fun-filled Games of Thrones speculation spectacular.

Can Bill successfully moderate a discussion on Game of Thrones? Will Jered be able to successfully execute a Bane impression? Does anyone still care about the 2016 presidential election?

Answer these questions and more by listening to this week’s episode!
You can also get the direct download here. 

Intro 0:00 – 3:20

Millennial Musings: Millennials Rising? 3:25-11:17

Political Parrots: Is 2016 A Historic Election? 11:27-22:32

Pop Goes the Culture: Game of Thrones from Coast to Coast 22:35-40:28

Sports Round Up: Mediocrity, Money, and the Machine 40:32-58:44

Outro/Where to Find Us 58:47-1:01:40

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