Episode 9: The Elitist Homeless


We’re back with another exciting episode! Bill is replaced this week by regular Chicago Mercantile Exchange scab Carson Starkey, as we share our thoughts on the latest Republican presidential debate, the recent federal budget deal, Pat’s most anticipated movies and the latest in Minnesota sports.

Also, Troy and Carson decry the state of the federal budget making process and declare war on any financial institution with the gall to call their cell phones and demand they pay their student loans.

Will the combined pessimism of Troy and Carson carry the show to the dark side or will Jered’s blind optimism and Pat’s moderate tone keep the show afloat one more week? Click here to listen and find out!

Still too cool for things you can’t download. Direct download the episode instead.

Intro and Show Preview 1:00-2:47
Political Parrots: Student Loan Nonsense 2:50-28:40
Millennial Musings 28:45-38:00
Pop Goes the Culture: Pat’s Movie Mayhem 38:30-52:00
News From the Front: Elitist Homeless in Bemidji 1:08:20-1:14:49
Sign Off 1:15:00-1:16:31 

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