Episode 13: Wrap it Up


This week Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast attempts to overcome the unlucky episode 13 with the return of Pat Meacham and the Rick Perry Memorial Bracket where the final match up between Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush will be decided once and for all.

Also Jered, Bill, Troy and Pat discuss possible solutions to the income and wealth inequality prevalent in America, introduce another fun-filled game focused on Star Wars, and enjoy the glory of another decent week in Minnesota sports excellence.

We should warn you that this week’s episode exceeds all reasonable time constraints. You might want to grab a snack before listening to this week’s episode. If Direct Download is more your thing, click here.

Intro 0:00-3:15

Millennial Musings: Job Tips from Generation X 3:20-11:15

Political Parrots: Brackets and Wealth Inequality 11:17-37:00

Pop Goes the Culture: Star Wars Predictions 37:11-1:00:25

Sports Round Up 1:00:40-1:12:20

News From the Front: Minneapolis Precinct 4 Update

Outro/Where to Find Us 1:16:51-1:19:00 

Episode 12: They Are Who We Thought They Were












This week Pat misses the the podcast to participate in the 5th Annual Hunger Games.

Fortunately, Bill and Carson return in an effort to prevent another episode of long winded monologues and try to steer the ship toward productive discussion.

Unfortunately, Bill has a hot mic and Carson has a few monologues of his own, so the productive discussion will have to wait.

In the meantime, listen to the 4 musketeers of rants and rambling wax intellectual on the state of race relations in America, a bit of sci-fi inspired pop culture talk, and the usual nonsense about Minnesota sports.

Can 4 white guys discuss racial issues? Has Jered completely given up on the Minnesota Vikings? Will Bill’s rent ever go down?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by listening to this week’s episode now!

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Intro 0:00-2:35

Millennial Musings: Spread Around the Socialism? 2:36-12:32

Political Parrots: Racial Tensions and the Police Problem 13:05-35:42

Pop Goes the Culture: The Future of Star Wars 36:09-49:43

Sports Round Up: The Fall of the Minnesota Vikings 49:45-59:34

News from the Front: Bill’s Rent is Too Damn High 59:40-1:03:19

Where to Find Us/Outro 1:03:28- 1:05:31 

Just when I thought I was out…

by Troy M. Olson


…you pull me back in (from the Godfather, Part III).

I am of course referring, to the Minnesota Vikings. Jered Weber will be happy to hear this, I am a believer. I am a believer in the Mike Zimmer-coached version of the Minnesota Vikings. He has a lot of Bud Grant in him. And those four Super Bowl teams never had a player as dominant as Adrian Peterson is within his own era.

Does this mean the Vikings keep up the pace, beat the Packers this weekend, and make a run at the Super Bowl? Not necessarily. However, at some point during the Zimmer/Bridgewater/Peterson-era, I think they finally deliver the long suffering fan base a Super Bowl title. Which means I lose my bet… unless the Twins can win one soon (also very possible, both teams are entering a contending-window period).

I have many reasons not to like the Minnesota Vikings, and most of them are actually off-the-field reasons. I still think the stadium deal was awful. I still think certain Minnesota Democratic politicians are sell-outs over that deal. I think the Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is an extortionist, both over the politics of the stadium deal, but also literally, an extortionist. Having a bad owner is one thing, but having several embarrassing off the field stories over the years just compounds the failures on the field (which are well remembered by the long suffering fanbase).

That being said, at the end of the day, I am still a Viking fan. I was born into it. I have gone through too many years of disappointment not to reap the rewards when they go on a run. I am a Vikings fan because if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t care much about football at all these days. It’s a brutal and violent sport, that for years was tax-exempt, and the league does a terrible job of taking care of those that helped build the popularity of the league.

Simply put, the popularity of American football reminds me too much of “gladiator games for the mass audience” with the Roman Empire at its height. I often like to pinpoint baseball (my favorite sport) being replaced by football, along with “Life” magazine going away, to be replaced by “People”, as two metaphorical moments when American culture started the long decline. And I don’t say this in a cranky, get-off-my-lawn, irrational appeal to traditionalism sort of way… precisely the opposite. I mean it in the way that I cannot contemplate our country coming together and winning a World War II-type situation today or even coming together to solve very solvable and obvious problems like bad health spending outcomes, Gilded Age-level income and wealth inequality, or massive defense/war spending on conflicts that do not move the dial toward peace in the Middle East one iota. But I digress…

It is unfair to pin all of this on a sport. It absolutely is. But everyone has their coping mechanisms in life, and this is mine. For many, the sport of football itself or even a long-suffering NFL franchise like the Minnesota Vikings, is exactly that coping mechanism. So on that level: for Jered Weber, and especially for Viking fans like my father, who has watched four Super Bowl losses, four NFC championship game losses, and other playoff and last second disappointments, I want the Vikings to win it all this year. If not this year, then the next.

And for the first time since 2009, I’m a believer. There is just something special about this team. They have all of the “special ingredients” that it takes to win in the NFL in this day and age. I believe they have found that one head coach you need, who finds his QB to implement that system that works. Teddy Bridgewater may not be Tom Brady, but you know who else wasn’t Tom Brady? Tom Brady back in 2001. His first year as a starter he took the Patriots all the way to the Super Bowl, helping them upset the heavily favored “greatest show on turf”, the St. Louis Rams. That team was built on defense, special teams, an offense that minimized mistakes and played better in the 4th quarter than the first three, and a ton of intangibles. Tom Brady had a lot of those intangibles then, but he wasn’t nearly the player he has been the majority of his career. Not yet. I don’t think Teddy reaches the heights of Tom Brady 2003 to present day. However, he is good enough to be our Tom Brady of 2001.

Through nine games this year, with a record of 7-2, I believe the Vikings have a lot of those “special ingredients” and intangibles. Of course, only time will tell how far they go this year… but I’m cautiously optimistic.


Episode 11: Evil Exists


Now that the 10th episode has come and gone, the agreeing loudly crew soldiers forth and tries to find meaning in the podcast’s continued existence.

This week Troy goes on a lengthy monologue of what he thinks the attacks in Paris mean for America’s foreign policy future and makes an ill-fated attempt at a Simpson segue. Jered pops the culture with a discussion on the popularity of video games among adults and what this means for the future of gaming. Pat bookends things with discussions on the top millennial brands and the ups and downs of the Minnesota sports scene.

Will Troy set the record for longest monologue in podcast history? Will Pat be able to stay awake long enough to make it through this week’s episode? Also, where the hell is Bill?

For answers to these questions and more listen this week’s episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast

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Intro 0:00-3:00

Millennial Musings: Top 200 Millennial Brands 3:05-7:50

Political Parrots: Paris and the Future of American Foreign Policy 8:00-30:10

Pop Goes the Culture: The Popularity of Video Games with Adults 30:15-47:00

Sports Round Up: Vikings and Wild Are Getting it Done 47:05-1:01:40

News From the Front: Live from New York 1:01:45-1:04:00

Where to Find Us/Outro 1:04:00-1:06:39

Episode 10: 3-Star Participation Awards


A milestone is reached as the Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast crew record their 10th episode. To celebrate, they talk the latest Democratic presidential debate, Ben Carson’s sorted relationship with the truth, their dream travel destinations, updated predictions for the Minnesota Vikings and a bunch of other stuff that’s sure to mildly pique your interest. The only question left is: when will Bill make his triumphant return? Spoiler Alert: Not this week.

Not bothered by spoilers? Listen to this week’s episode! Of course you can also get the direct download by clicking here.

Intro 0:00-2:15
Millennial Musings 2:17-8:30
Political Parrots: Boring Debates, Carsongate, and the Bush Legacy 8:34-29:25
Pop Goes the Culture: Where Do You Wanna Go? 29:40-38:20
Sports Round Up: Roller Girl Championship and Shaun Hill 38:25-53:15
News From the Front: Alcohol Treatment in Detroit Lakes 53:25-57:30
Sign Off and Outro 57:31-59:29 

Episode 9: The Elitist Homeless


We’re back with another exciting episode! Bill is replaced this week by regular Chicago Mercantile Exchange scab Carson Starkey, as we share our thoughts on the latest Republican presidential debate, the recent federal budget deal, Pat’s most anticipated movies and the latest in Minnesota sports.

Also, Troy and Carson decry the state of the federal budget making process and declare war on any financial institution with the gall to call their cell phones and demand they pay their student loans.

Will the combined pessimism of Troy and Carson carry the show to the dark side or will Jered’s blind optimism and Pat’s moderate tone keep the show afloat one more week? Click here to listen and find out!

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Intro and Show Preview 1:00-2:47
Political Parrots: Student Loan Nonsense 2:50-28:40
Millennial Musings 28:45-38:00
Pop Goes the Culture: Pat’s Movie Mayhem 38:30-52:00
News From the Front: Elitist Homeless in Bemidji 1:08:20-1:14:49
Sign Off 1:15:00-1:16:31