Safe for Work Ways to Kill Time at Work.

Vice President Joe Biden will enter the Presidential race and Troy’s pick for the Democratic nominee looks better and better … that is until his first gaffe.

Lindsay Lohan for President 2020? Yes. God. Please. Just imagine the debates between Lindsay and Kanye West. Don’t worry, if you can’t imagine it – Carson speculated on Kanye’s answer to a debate question from last week’s Democratic Debate.  

The article referenced in the latest episode in regards to Boomers and their ability to be role models for millennials.

Believe it or not but Lamar Odom’s overdose has increased brothel business.

Star Wars. Trailer. Watch it.

Gilmore Girls is likely coming back on Netflix next year with the original cast. This is the Christmas Miracle all Millennial women have been waiting for this fall.

Ben Carson Tormented By Periodic Rational Thoughts … Onion Article or News Article? Find out for yourself.

Anyone want to know why I don’t live in California? Because Minnesota doesn’t have Extremely Venomous Sea Snakes due to El Niño. We just have above average or below average winter temperatures and potentially above average or below average snowfall…huh? Exactly.  

Millennial Nostalgia Fix of the Week

For our Millennial nostalgia fix, here is the Goosebumps trailer which looks about as much fun as listening to Ace of Base on repeat for 7 hours.  

The AV Club debates the importance of No Doubts Tragic Kingdom and asks the important question … does the album still matter.

Meach –

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