Safe for Work Ways to Kill Time at Work.

by PK Meacham

In case you were wondering Winter is Coming and so is (hopefully) GRR Martin’s 6th installment of a Song of Ice and Fire The Winds of Winter. To hold you over till the announcement of the release date here is another Game of Thrones theory to think about.

Ross was the worst character on Friends and here is another reason why.

Chvrches is a band that pretty much everyone likes but that no one knows – earlier this summer they played at the Pitchfork Music Festival performing “Clearest Blue” off the upcoming album ‘Every Open Eye’ which has a September 25th release date.

One of my favorite up and coming blues/soul/indie artist Benjamin Booker stopped by the AV Club and covered Patsy Cline’s “Walking after Midnight”. The AV Club is doing their fantastic “Uncover” series for the 6th year – you can check out all of this seasons cover here.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake got together for “The History of Rap part 6” and it was fantastic, as always.

Jimmy Fallon also decided to interview the Donald as the Donald, or did he interview himself as the Donald interviewing the Donald? I’m not sure but like Trump, a car crash, and kitten videos – you just can’t stop watching it.

John Oliver and ‘Last Week Tonight’ has been on hiatus up until this week – but John did have a special message for all the children heading back to school.

A non-profit put up a billboard in regards to Kim Davis and they said it perfectly.

Rick Santorum thought that going on Bill Maher and arguing about climate change with an atheist would be a good idea … reason #743 that Rick Santorum doesn’t have a chance in hell to ever become President.

The Tampa Bay TImes did a follow up piece in regards to Rick’s claims here and added #744 to the list.

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